Tastefully Erotic | Louisiana Boudoir Photographer

Being a boudoir photographer is so much fun!  I love everything about what I do, I love the makeup, I love the outfits, I love the posing, and I love helping women feel gorgeous!  But after almost 3 years I was getting kind of bored.  I really wanted to take my brand to a new level of sexy, I wanted my clients to feel gorgeous and feel incredibly SEXY!! I wanted their jaws to drop because they look so hot!  When I first started I was so afraid that people were going to think if I did anything too sexy that it was pornography, so I kept everything  sweet, pretty and classy.

After seeing the work of Breathless Boudoir out of Baton Rouge I realized that really sexy images are still really classy and tasteful. I had the pleasure of meeting Jen and Max  of Breathless Boudoir and they were so incredible to sit down with me and discuss with me their style.  They really capture emotion and tastefully erotic photos, and I found myself  wanting something like that of myself! So they were kind enough to photograph me and I specifically told them I didn’t want to be “cute” I wanted my husband to be WOWED! And boy did they come out great! I will share those later!

Jen let me photograph her to practice getting more emotional and sexy photos.  Max helped coach me in poses and I am so thrilled with what we came up with!  I know a lot of my clients are going to love these type of images and I am so excited to start doing more like this!

boudoir_photography_with_emotion2 boudoir_photography_with_emotion3 boudoir_photography_with_emotion4 boudoir_photography_with_emotion5 boudoir_photography_with_emotion6 boudoir_photography_with_emotion7 boudoir_photography_with_emotion8 boudoir_photography_with_emotion9 boudoir_photography_with_emotion10 boudoir_photography_with_emotion11 boudoir_photography_with_emotion12 boudoir_photography_with_emotion13 boudoir_photography_with_emotion14 boudoir_photography_with_emotion15 boudoir_photography_with_emotion16 boudoir_photography_with_emotion17 boudoir_photography_with_emotion18 boudoir_photography_with_emotion19 boudoir_photography_with_emotion20 boudoir_photography_with_emotion21 boudoir_photography_with_emotion22 boudoir_photography_with_emotion23

Artistic Nude Addition | Louisiana Boudoir Photographers

Miss K came in to do a “regular” boudoir session, but she decided to do some fine art nudes at the end.  She wanted to be kept anonymous, but she did give me permission to share some of these!

Here is what she had to say about her whole experience with ShaRelle Studios:

“My biggest fear about doing a shoot was that I would be nervous, but that didn’t happen at all. ShaRelle made me feel so comfortable from the beginning. It truly was an amazing experience. My favorite part was at the reveal, not that the shoot itself wasn’t a blast, but watching my husbands face was priceless.” When asked what would she say to anyone thinking about doing a boudoir shoot she said, “You need to do this! You won’t regret it. It’s empowering!”

artistic.nude.east.texas.photographers artistic.nude.east.texas.photographers2

Sexy Miss C | Ark-La-Tex Boudoir Photographers


Miss C was so adorable! She has such a bubbly personality and was just a joy to be around.  This sexy woman is also a mother of two!   What Miss C had to say about her ShaRelle Studios Experience: “I was worried I would not be able to be serious, but I was able […]

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Flirty Boudoir with Miss M | Shreveport Photographers

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Miss J | Super Sexy Boudoir | Lousiana Boudoir Photographers


Miss J is an incredible woman, She’s a wife, a mother and she owns her own spa here in Shreveport.  On top of all that she is such a sweet and nice person.  She’s driven and motivated which I always find to be extra inspiring coming from women and I hope that when I have […]

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40 and Fabulous in the New Studio! | Louisiana Boudoir Photographers


I can’t say enough sweet things about this woman, she has such an amazing glow about her, I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to take photos of her! This is what she had to say about her experience. “I was both excited and nervous about the photo shoot.  It’s something I’ve wanted […]

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A Modern Maternity Shoot | Shreveport Area Photographers


I have been hesitant to do maternity in the past, but then it just hit me, it’s just exactly the same as what I usually do, but instead of trying to cover up the belly (which is usually every woman’s problem area) I get to show it off!!!! So Allie and Bryson were so awesome […]

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Glamour and Sequins | Shreveport Glamour Photographers


I am always so honored when a photographer asks me to photograph them!  Kristi is a friend and fellow portrait and wedding photographer here in Shreveport, I think she is just stunning and I was so excited when she asked me to photograph her!  I was even more excited when she said I could share […]

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Fine Art Nudes


So I got the creative bug in me after I visited the great duo from Breathless Boudoir, they are based out of Baton Rouge, LA.  I went to visit there studio and saw all of these amazing artistic images of nudes and I knew that I had to try it myself!  I decided that I […]

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Mardi Gras Special


  Get 50% off of your session fee if you are a booking a new appointment in the month of March!  All you have to do is fill out this form and I will contact you with available dates!  This is good for Boudoir, Glamor or High School Seniors.

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